Month: January 2016

Dear introverts, nerds, and smarty-pants: A letter to my readers

Dear introverts, nerds, and smarty-pants, If you are reading this letter, then we obviously have something in common. The kinship of being introverts, nerds, or smarty-pants. That makes you super cool in my eyes. Either that or you are a friend of mine and that relationship made you read this letter to my readers and I love you too. Regardless, I wanted to write a letter to my readers to thank you. Thank you for reading The Thinking Muse. It has been a passion project of mine that I enjoy sharing with you. It is coming up on one year since I...

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An art heist and recovery: Saint Jerome Writing by Caravaggio

Everyone loves a good heist story, don’t they? The clever plan. The priceless, or at least extremely expensive, objects of desire. The high stakes. Oh, the drama! It has all the makings of a good story and a good puzzle combined. Which is probably why books and movies capitalize on the concept. Just add an attractive hollywood star or 2 and watch the money roll in. (See related: Why stories are irresistible and The secrets of puzzles) So I thought a real life caper would be a great topic for an article. What makes it even better is that it includes...

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