Month: August 2016

Last week (Aug. 22 – Aug. 28)

Food poisoning expert reveals the 6 things he would never eat from Go0d F00d

7 signs you’re a stationery addict from The Odyssey Online

Old people are happier than people in their 20s from Time

Jump starting the brain: Experimental device suggests new path to rousing coma patients from Stat News

Black hole breakthrough found on earth from CNN

‘Dark twin’ of the Milky Way galaxy discovered from CNN

I followed Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule for a week, and the most rewarding part was also the most difficult from Business Insider

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The Age of Romanticism

Love. Spirit. Emotion. Soul. All very colorful and strong words. They’re intangible, yet we insist that they exist. We know they are there, not because we can see them or touch them, but because we feel them inside of us, guiding our decisions and making us see the world in a different light. They aren’t practical or sensible, yet so often it’s encouraged to “follow your heart”. Why is this? Why is today’s society so quick to cling to emotion and instinct? Should we? What was Romanticism? The roots of how we think of things like emotion and love...

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