Dear introverts, nerds, and smarty-pants,

If you are reading this letter, then we obviously have something in common. The kinship of being introverts, nerds, or smarty-pants. That makes you super cool in my eyes. Either that or you are a friend of mine and that relationship made you read this letter to my readers and I love you too.

Regardless, I wanted to write a letter to my readers to thank you. Thank you for reading The Thinking Muse. It has been a passion project of mine that I enjoy sharing with you.

It is coming up on one year since I jumped into the publishing pool. What an adventure it has been. I tried to learn as much as I could beforehand, but at some point you just need to jump. Luckily, drowning wasn’t an option with failed writing efforts.

It has been a year of learning. A lot of learning, about publishing and about myself.

It has been a year of writing. Some great articles and others that seemed to have fallen flat. (See related: Most popular articles from the Thinking Muse in 2015)

Reflecting on the year, I see things that I would like to improve. I have made mistakes and seen the error of my ways. I am evolving and so is what I want The Thinking Muse to be. I thought my one year mark would be a great time to make some changes.

Let me share some of these items and how I would like to see them going forward.

  • My love of facts has shown up in spades in my writing. What is the problem with that? It can tend to bog down my articles with too many facts. Oftentimes, I feel the facts are necessary in a piece, so this will translate to more article series to make the content more digestible.
  • I began wanting to be very polished and professional. Then I realized that the behemoth companies are trying to be more like me. They want a personal touch, an intimate connection, and character. That is the strength of a single person project. So instead of providing facts, à la Wikipedia, I am going to let my personal voice sing. My articles will contain more opinions and commentary adding more value and more spark for conversation.
  • Along similar lines, I don’t have to have perfect grammar all the time. Yes, it drives me nuts when spelling errors occur and grammar is incorrect. But you know what? Sometimes life isn’t pretty. Sometimes it takes something equally ugly to convey the right feeling. So if you see me starting a sentence with “And” or using incomplete sentences, I am doing it for a reason. This continues to be a struggle for me, but I really want an authenticate voice to resonate in my articles.
  • I am funnier in my own head than I am in print or on screen. My humor is often based on facials, gestures, and intonation, especially intonation. I am struggling with how to communicate that via written word. Because, take it from me, I am hilarious. All I can say is that I am working on it and practice makes perfect, right?!
  • I struggle with my aversion to social networking. This greatly hampers my ability to connect with others online. In doing research for my articles, I found people and things that I wouldn’t come by in my daily activities. This has inspired me to try a little harder with social media. I am really starting to like Twitter. We’ll see how it goes on the other options. Ugh.
  • Writing takes a lot of time. Not having enough time, argh. A common problem afflicting most of us. As I mentioned earlier, expect to see more article series, so I can use my research and spread it across multiple articles. I will also try to implement some shorter content pieces to provide a variety of content for my readers.
  • The look. I have struggled with getting my content to you in an attractive and easily accessible manner. A new template was recently released that will make it easier for me to provide access to my content, so keep your eyes open for the new look.

Having said all this, these changes are going to take a bit for me to implement. For that reason, I will be taking a month or so off posting content to put these ideas into action. Please be patient with me as I morph into my next incarnation.

So I don’t sound overly negative, I will also highlight some things that won’t change about The Thinking Muse because I like them just the way they are.

  • Concept. I will continue to be a one woman passion project inspiring the intellectual and self-deprecating mind.
  • Content subject. I write about things that interest me. Culture, science, and curiosities. I am happy in that context and I don’t plan on changing it.
  • Respecting my access to my readers. I appreciate your readership and won’t pollute your inboxes or social media streams with ads trying to sell you something. I may eventually put some small ads on my website, but won’t ever have sponsored content or articles. My thoughts and words are my own.
  • Many strong resources. You may have noticed the rich sources at the end of my feature articles. I work hard to them. As a muse, my intention is to spark inspiration. To help you on your quest for further learning and inspiration, I want to provide a path to follow.

Please know, I will be back better than ever. Until then, you can catch up on past articles.

Thank you again for reading and I’ll write soon.


Franzi Schneider-Krumpus, creator of The Thinking Muse