This article lists the 10 most popular articles from The Thinking Muse for the past year.

Every week, I share with you the most interesting articles that I found somewhere else the previous week. A little content curation courtesy of The Thinking Muse. You can find these articles under Favorite Finds.

This week, I thought it would be fun to turn the tables. Perhaps you missed one of these articles and would like to catch up.

So here you go, the most visited pieces from the year. Here is to another year of interesting reads!


Countdown of the 10 most popular articles from 2015



American flag symbolism they never taught you in school

A look at some facts, symbolism, and etiquette surrounding the American flag. I am pretty patriotic and I learned a lot researching this article. My guess is that you will too.



The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine: Missing treasure or myth?

Facts and legends of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine in Arizona. I got caught up in the legend when I was on vacation in the area.



How to read Egyptian hieroglyphs: 10 tips for the beginner

A quick-start guide on reading ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. I have always been amazed by ancient Egyptian legend, artifacts, and well, everything. This article is an extension of my interest in the beautiful script.



A beginner’s guide to rock art: Petroglyphs, pictographs, and geoglyphs

Terminology, the big questions, and examples of rock art from around the world. Similar to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs article, I find it fascinating to think about what ancient humans found important enough that they needed to document it.



10 mesmerizing examples of human collective behavior

Aspects of animal collective behavior and 10 times humans chose to participate in collective behavior for fun, entertainment, or competition. A visually captivating activity that is near and dear to my heart.



Gargoyles, grotesques, chimeras, and guardians: The Hall of Fame

A beginner’s guide to gargoyles and my list of superlatives that will make you smile. Art and humor combined. What could be better?



3 reasons why everyone loves Rube Goldberg machines

A look at Rube Goldberg and why the machines named after him are awesome. My inner geek really came out on this article. Have a hoot looking at the example videos.



Love of food series, part 1: What is flavor and how do we perceive it?

The first article in my Love of food series. A look at the surprising number of factors that contribute to flavor. Everyone loves to eat, right? But not everyone understands what goes into making food taste like it does.



How the Lucy fossil and others can help us today

An introduction to Lucy and what she can teach us. A lesson about the future buried in the dirt. How cool is that?



9 muses to inspire you

A look at Apollo and the Muses by Baldassarre Peruzzi with more in-depth information on each of the 9 Muses. Everyone knows a little something about greek mythology. Learn which Muse you can call upon for inspiration.


There you have it. I hope that you take the time to go and read some of these articles. Let me know what you thought.

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Here is to another year of learning and growing!