Admit it,

sometimes you feel stressed out. Downright overwhelmed.

I do…regardless of the fact that I actually make a concerted effort to maintain a relatively simpler life. At least more than anyone else I know.

None-the-less, I am stressed more often than I care to admit or more than I am sure is healthy. I tend to lean that way naturally anyway, thus the concerted effort to keep things easy.

Unfortunately, my tendency to be anxious is also paired with a lack of dedication to exercise.  An ugly combination. We all know that exercise is great for both mental and physical health. I can and have seen the benefits of regular exercise and attention to physical wellness practices. However, I veer into the territory of being pretty flakey about it. If I twist one of my weak ankles funny or get sick, that is all that is needed to completely derail a pretty well established exercise regimen. A super busy schedule or bad weather tends to do it too. Bad, I know.

Obviously, physical health is important. I mean…it keeps us alive! But if my stress levels get too high I find it hard to even think. I also see physical manifestations of that stress in my body. Hives, acne, gastrointestinal distress, and teeth clenching to name a few fun ones. Ugh! I am very interconnected physically and mentally like that.

Ultimately, we all have stress. While the triggers are different for everyone, we all deal with it. If you are anything like me, you want quick and easy ways to help manage the stress. One of my favorite ways to deal with stress is yoga. If you have never tried yoga, you need to try it. Seriously. That is what this article is about. I have found a treasure that I want to share with you, online yoga classes.


Who am I to judge?

Here is my background, so you know where I am coming from…

In the past, I have taken yoga through 2 different establishments. My experiences varied with these. One establishment, a community education class, had me very literally just go through the movements. The environment wasn’t great, a school library, and the teacher lacked connection. The second establishment, a yoga studio, was great. The owner was very passionate and really cared. The studio was nice, unfortunately, it was an inconvenient drive away and was a little expensive for my tight wallet. My last pregnancy ended that relationship which I never resurrected.

I have also done a few yoga DVDs on my own. None of them were right for me. Mostly, I thought they were a little too cheesy or new-agey for me.

While I do love yoga, I am not a touchy-feely kind of person. I am very pragmatic, but not inhuman. I want yoga that is serene and calming, but won’t send me into a fit of giggles because of the cheese-factor. And don’t get me wrong, I love cheese. *wink, wink* However, I find it hard to relax when the person leading me in yoga isn’t grounded. I just can’t take it seriously. Maybe that’s just me, but I have the feeling I am not alone.

Anyway, I have had enough experience with yoga to see different approaches and have an opinion about it.


The best solution: online yoga classes

Looking for a quick and easy way to destress? Try online yoga classes. I am talking about

Do yoga with me



This site is awesome!! Sorry to yell, but it is true. I am giving this site my recommendation.

Let’s look at a couple things that make this site so great.

  1. The variety of offerings is staggering, but yet so easy to search.browse search box

    You can search by:

    • Difficulty:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    • Length:  0-20 min., 20-40 min., 40-60 min., 60+ min.

    • Style:  17 types including hatha, power, seniors, pilates, and gentle

    • Teacher:  19 different teachers

  2. The video quality of the online yoga classes is great. At home on your big screen or on-the-go on your phone or laptop, perhaps your hotel room while you are traveling for business.
  3. There is so much information. *swoon* They have detailed videos on yoga anatomy, poses, and breathing. Understanding the what, how, and why has really helped me when I practice. It just makes so much more sense to me.
  4. If you aren’t into yoga, try the meditation practices. I haven’t tried the meditation here because I have tried meditation in the past and struggle with it. I prefer mindfulness practices. But give these meditation practices a whirl if you are in to that.
  5. It’s free. They do have monthly subscriptions and one-time donation options. I recommend trying it out for free. If you want to continue on a regular basis, donation or subscription is the way to go. You can choose what works best for you and your wallet. That makes cents to me! Sorry, had to do it.
  6. Different strokes for different folks. Under the “About Us” section, you can learn about the teachers and the different kinds of yoga. Not every style will appeal to everyone. You will not connect with every teacher. Find one that you like. Personal note: I like to take the beginner classes. My favorites are taught by Nicky Jones and Melissa McLeod. They are both great.

I no longer need to make myself presentable, bundle up, drive my car over icy streets, and bleed my wallet to de-stress. Just thinking about doing all that stuff makes me feel agitated, so counter-productive. Yikes!


6 Reasons I love onlne yoga classes at

For those of you who love lists like I do, here you go. The reasons to love

  1. Time flexibility. I love that I can take the class I want at the time I want and fit it around my schedule.
  2. Location flexibility. I can do it wherever I please. They even have videos for exercise in chairs so you could do it at work. Just don’t let the boss know. I prefer the comfort of my own home.
  3. I don’t have to look presentable and go out. I know it is vain to pull yourself together to workout. Not that I put on a full face of makeup or anything. However, it is nice that I can even wear my old yoga pants with the hole in the seam.
  4. You can ditch the class. You won’t be stuck in a class that is too challenging or boring. I have attended a full class just because I didn’t want to walk out. You quit the video right then and there and try a different one. You never know a class is right for you until you try, right!?
  5. Variety. See the previous section to understand the huge variety of videos.
  6. Price. Pay the price for the value you get. Perfect.

Give it a try!

Can you tell I really do love these classes? Even when I am not in the mood and make myself do them, I am so glad once I am done. It makes me feel refreshed and able to take on the world. I have told my husband that I feel like my joints are all lubricated when I am done.

Try it out and then come back and let me know your thoughts. Am I right? Do you have other suggestions?

If you have a hard time sticking to a health care routine, what helps you maintain consistency? Let me know in the comments.